Quality Intelligence

For over 40 years, Factory Systems has been providing companies of all sizes with a complete portfolio of SPC and Manufacturing Intelligence solutions that help manage productivity, quality and compliance requirements across entire organizations and their critical supplier networks.

Why Factory Systems?

Our Products

Increase Efficiency

Our data collection, charting, reporting, and analysis will help empower all levels of personnel to effectively and efficiently participate in quality operations.

Consolidate Solutions

Acting as a multi-input data acquisition, analysis, monitoring, and data handling tool. Live and historical, local and remote insights for your entire operation.

Reduce Cost

Reduce scrap, Plan downtime and maintenance, Eliminate redundant processing, Track & Trace components from start to finish, and increase production.

Improve Quality

Monitor any process in real-time from a centralized location, trend alarms, custom notifications, various I/O and Andon capabilities

Precision Manufacturing
Biomed & Pharma
Food, Beverage & Consumer Goods

Our Capabilities

  • Data Input from any device
  • SPC
  • OEE
  • Live Process Monitoring
  • Instant Local and Remote accessibility
  • Complete I/O Compatibility
  • Immediate Advanced Analysis
  • Charting & Reporting
  • Andon (txt, EM, Visual)
  • Reports (customize, schedule)
  • Operation Scheduling
  • Work Instruction Manager
  • Track & Trace
  • Error / Mistake Proofing
  • Quality Alerts
  • System Administration
  • Quality Attribute Management
  • R&R Study
  • SQL/Oracle
  • Closed-loop Control

Our Services

What our clients say

The Factory Systems software has been a great addition to our machining lines at Charleston Turbo Plant; it has allowed us to monitor our data for special characteristics on an on-going basis, as well as, pull data from the software to be able to run capability studies and complete root cause analysis for any quality issues that take place.

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A great addition to our machining lines Cummins Turbo Technologies

Personalmente tengo más de diez años de utilizar los productos de Factory Systems por lo cual puedo afirmar que el soporte de Factory Systems es de primer mundo, siempre hemos recibido una respuesta muy rápida, con excelente atención.

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De primer mundo Federal-Mogul Pistones, Puebla Mexico

“There was no question Factory Systems had the superior system,” says Kapraun. “All the operators commented that it was much easier to work with and interfaced well with all gauges. We even had to leave the trial units in because the operators didn’t want them taken away.”

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Amazing Support Caterpillar

SPC and Factory Systems are helping to enhance quality, increase throughput and improve customer satisfaction at Black & Decker’s small-motor manufacturing plant in Easton, Maryland. Factory Systems can program their equipment to interface with virtually any electronic device.

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Awesome Features Black & Decker

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