Our Story

Factory Systems provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) in the form of data acquisition and analysis hardware, software and networked host systems. Formed in 1978 as Industrial Microsystems Inc. (IMI), engineers worked closely with a group of practicing process engineers to design rugged, extremely flexible industrial computers for data acquisition and SPC analysis including Six Sigma reporting. Gauge interfaces were added for Federal and Mitutoyo digital gauges, Heidenhain Glass Scale, LVDT, analog signals, and RS-232 data streams. The Host system software was created, providing networked administration and data management.

Our Technology

What sets Factory Systems apart from most other SPC providers is the Total Solution Concept. Most companies will send you a catalog, and provide guidance in selecting their products, but they do nothing towards installation, training, nor will they take responsibility for insuring your success. Factory Systems provides all this and more.

Our Vision

Much of Factory Systems' success is due to two principles: First, we provide solutions, fully integrated, programmed and running to the customer's specification. This includes, at the customer's option, on-site evaluation, installation and training. Factory Systems can work from blueprints to supply complete fixtured SPC systems. Second, Factory Systems develops products directly from customer response and comments. Many features contained in our products are based on direct customer requests.