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FS.Net™ is an enterprise level factory automation and control software suite that makes your production and quality data visible to your entire organization. FS.Net™ provides operators, supervisors, engineers and management with in depth quality analysis, process performance insights and compliance reporting locally or from anywhere in the world.  FS.Net™ provides global administration of all individual FSWorks™ workstations, control plans, work instructions, machine configurations, sensor calibration management and more. System Administration, Reports, Charts & Analytics, Tracking & Traceability, Torque Tool and Monito are a few of the most powerful and commonly used features.


In a nutshell, FS.Net™ consolidates factory floor data from FSWorks™ and other sources and stores that data in a secure database. FS.Net™ has a powerful suite of modules that allow data to be mined, analyzed, displayed, charted and reported in almost any way imaginable from emailing custom reports to management, displaying data on overhead monitors throughout a plant to providing real-time queries by quality personnel on secure web portals.

Generate detailed Reports of your data using a wide variety of filters. Get reports on demand in your browser, export as a .csv file, or have it sent straight to your inbox on a regular basis. Easily access the most important data for constant control, spot checks, audits, or improvement projects.

FS.Net’s Charts allow you do view large amounts of data as many types of charts, as well as providing a plethora of statistical data.  Whether it’s quality, up & down times, or production data our software helps you easily utilize your data in a meaningful way.

FS.Net displays OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Charts and statistical data at a machine, cell, line, or factory level.

FS.Track™ provides a constant monitoring service to ensure that routing and quality events are met before a part passes to further steps, while traceability gives you the ability to view the entire history of parts throughout fabrication until they leave your factory.

Display data on monitors throughout your plant. With FS.Monitor™ you can see data from any number of disparate processes and inputs anywhere.  Monitor the most important quality, machine, and production data from a centralized location with information conveniently condensed down and digestible to provide oversight.

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