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Quality Management System

With Fully Integrated Factory Floor SPC Workstations and Advanced Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence

FSWorks™ & FS.Net™

Two Products

One Powerful Interface

A system so well designed and supported, it is unreasonable to use any other quality management solution.  Considering FS integration support, baked-in device compatibility and continuous software enhancements, Factory Systems is one of the best investments a manufacturer can make.


Performance, Versatility & Support

Factory Systems achieves transformative visibility with its end to end quality management software. Empowering teams from production, quality control, engineering, all the way to top management, to help create game-changing results.


Implementing SPC For Over 40 Years

Factory Systems is a proven system trusted by world-class companies.  See how businesses worldwide have used Factory Systems to drive impressive results.

A Truly Transformational SPC Quality Management Suite 40 Years in the Perfecting


Workstation Solutions

FSWorks™  is a comprehensive data acquisition and quality control software application designed for limitless integration of key inputs from your factory floor.  Available in stand-alone or network installations, FSWorks™ offers a powerful graphical interface that displays data in real time as it is collected providing immediate quality and productivity insights using SPC (Statistical Process Control) and OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) tools so that the productivity and process control can be managed in real-time.

Upload and Display Part Models and Pictures, Work Instructions, and Control Plans.  Perform Repeatability, Process Capability and Gauge R&R Studies using the exact same software application that collects and displays process data.  Drive ANDON boards, stack lights and monitors.  Command real-time process corrections based on Trend Analysis. Optimized for touch screen interaction with robust user and event logging.

Versatile Data Acquisition

Our impressive factory floor workstation software provides a gauge or machine interface with full feature SPC and Display Tools and convenient data transfer service to the FS.Net repository.   Having evolved through forty years of in the field development, FSWorks is the most versatile tool available to collect data from almost any manufacturing operation or process.

Factory Floor Workstations

Our FSWorks software runs on just about any pc platform and is optimized for the factory floor environment including touch screen, wireless and completely automatic functionality. FSWorks is backward compatible through Windows XP.

Unprecedented Device Compatibility

  • Handheld Metrology Tools
  • Digital Measurement Probes
  • Analog Measurement Probes
  • Encoders
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Laser Sensors
  • Vision Systems
  • Air Gauges
  • Bar Code Readers
  • RFID
  • PLC Controllers
  • CNC Controllers
  • CMMs
  • Databases
  • Manual Entry

Powerful Data Analysis and SPC

Using SPC (Statistical Process Control) tools and trend analysis FSWorks allows you to monitor, analyze, and take corrective actions to keep manufacturing processes in control, thus preventing scrap and improving productivity.

SPC Tools

FSWorks has hundreds of built in SPC related metrics and computation methods that have been developed over 40 years of use.  Individual statistical values including standard deviation, mean, Cp, Cpk, and many more alert operators and supervisors to potential problems so they can be corrected before evolving into critical situations.

OEE Tools

FSWorks provides OEE to be computed locally with built-in availability, performance and quality formulas that determine OEE and drives informational displays such as uptime, downtime, average cycle time, efficiency, effectiveness, and total part count. Statistical charts include Xbar, R, Pareto, Sigma and Histogram for both variable and attribute analysis.  Process descriptors such as mean, standard deviation, Cp, Cpk and dozens of others are available to monitor and diagnose processes.

Spec Editor & Document Storage

FSWorks Spec Editor allows the administrator to create and maintain variable and attribute quality control plans on the factory floor so there will never be any uncontrolled documents when conducing ISO quality audits. Users can also define and edit process events, automatic trend alarms, and reference work instructions locally.

Data Export

Local data can be transferred to a centralized FS.Net repository or exported as .csv or Excel files.  Custom charts and reports can be printed locally.

Alarms & Notifications

FSWorks has hierarchal alarm functions allowing operators to react immediately to critical situations.  Stack lights, buzzers, music can be activated locally.  Escalation of alerts to supervisor and manager level can be programmed based on time and criticality of the event.

Immediate & Historical Data Visibility

FSWorks lets you watch your process performance in real time providing operators with instantaneous feedback to take necessary corrective actions.  Historical charting helps you optimize process control and efficiency.

SPC Displays

FSWorks displays real time values and statistical process metrics such as mean, standard deviation, Cp, Cpk.  Charting shows the performance of a process over time and identifies the natural limits of a process and the impact of any changes on the process.

OEE Displays

FSWorks displays OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) at a machine, cell, line or factory level.

ANDON Displays

FSWorks can drive stack lights, ANDON boards and overhead montors via VGA, HDMI or wirelessly using our affordable FS.Monitor kiosk drivers.


FS.Net™ is an enterprise level factory automation and control software suite that makes your production and quality data visible to your entire organization. FS.Net™ provides operators, supervisors, engineers and management with in depth quality analysis, process performance insights and compliance reporting locally or from anywhere in the world.  FS.Net™ provides global administration of all individual FSWorks™ workstations, control plans, work instructions, machine configurations, sensor calibration management and more. System Administration, Reports, Charts & Analytics, Tracking & Traceability, Torque Tool and Monitor are a few of the most powerful and commonly used features.

In a nutshell, FS.Net™ consolidates factory floor data from FSWorks™ and other sources and stores that data in a secure database. FS.Net™ has a powerful suite of modules that allow data to be mined, analyzed, displayed, charted and reported in almost any way imaginable from emailing custom reports to management, displaying data on overhead monitors throughout a plant to providing real-time queries by quality personnel on secure web portals.

Comprehensive Data Management & Analysis

FS.Net™ provides unmatched business and quality intelligence to all influencers in an organization.  FS.Net™ leverages both real-time and historical data mining and advanced SPC and OEE tools to drive organizational excellence.

Charts & Analysis

FS.Net™ provides in-depth analysis and insights into the performance of your entire factory.  Whether it’s quality, up & down times, or production data our software helps you easily utilize your data in a meaningful way.


Automated Reporting

FS.Net™ has a built-in module for easy and scheduled reporting.  You can get reports on demand or waiting in your inbox.   Easily access the most important data for constant control, spot checks, audits, or improvement projects.

Network Administration

With FS.Net™ you can manage workstations in other parts of your factory or other operations world-wide from any desktop with network access.  Instantly see which workstations are online and active, change specs and programs, and manage users.

SQL and Oracle Compatibility

Our FS.Net™ enterprise quality software is developed for SQL and Oracle database users, providing seamless compatibility regardless of system requirements.

Advanced Process Automation & Control

FS.Net™ empowers your team with advanced tools to understand and optimize processes, improve quality, and increase productivity.

Error and Mistake Proofing

With the combined FS.Track™ and FS.Monitor™ modules, you can design a process with controls and notifications so that a bad part never leaves the facility.

Tracking & Traceability

FS.Track™ provides a constant monitoring service to ensure that routing and quality events are met before a part passes to further steps, while traceability gives you the ability to view the entire history of parts throughout fabrication until they leave your factory.

Torque Assembly and Fastening Control

With torque and angle data, be confident that all steps are being completed to-plan.  Keep tabs on your entire assembly process and ensure no bolt is left unturned.

Enterprise Wide Visibility & Alerts

FS.Net™ gives you the opportunity to view processes, current production rates, and machine efficiencies in real-time.

Access From Anywhere in World

Monitor processes, get alerts, see your network, generate reports, and keep control from any location.  FS.Net™ provides users the ability to view multiple operations both domestically and across the globe, from on-site or on the road.

Dashboard and Large Displays

With FS.Monitor™ you can see data from any number of disparate processes and inputs anywhere.  Monitor the most important quality, machine, and production data from a centralized location with information conveniently condensed down and digestible to provide oversight.

Quality and Production Alerts

Remote email & txt alerts can be defined to alert key personnel of the most important quality and production events to stay in-touch while in meetings or working off-site.

Quality and Production Alerts

  • E-mail alarm notifications
  • Digital paging / TXT messaging
  • Windows messaging

Real-Time Visibility of Multiple Operations

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