Story: Out of Control

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Out of control ROI

How about getting your return before you even get started!  Sound like I am a bit “Out of Control”?  Well that is exactly what happened to one our customers.

Closed loop systems allow a user to feedback compensation values to any machine.  The compensation is based on statistically relevant data.  However, the system must be in control.  Random variation that is beyond specification cannot be compensated.

So how did our customer achieve a pay back before they even started?  In the course of implementing an FSWorks™ SPC and Closed Loop system, we found the process was not in control.  Ok, so someone was going to have to reduce the variation.  Isn’t that what the Closed Loop is for?  Yes it is.  So we looked at the process and reviewed the data. We were able to determine that the process varied as the part was machined along the X axis.  Before long it was decided the machine had a problem.

An analysis of the machine found some unexpected wear.  The machine was up on all its routine preventive maintenance.  Questions were asked and found that the maintenance was not properly preformed and in fact the machine was headed for a catastrophic failure. It was only a matter of time and the machine would have to be totally restored costing a large amount of money and even more costly lost production time.

In the end the machine was quickly scheduled for a repair that saved its life and minimized down time.  The FSWorks™ system was just getting started when it paid for itself a thousand times over.  Don’t you wish you could get that kind of ROI?


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