Our Probe Amplifier & CPU Enclosure (PACE), complete with touch screen, has established a new level of quality, automation and versatility to factory floor data acquisition and Six Sigma reporting. The PACE unit has been fully embraced by not only factory floor personnel, but also MIS and management alike. PACE looks to become the cornerstone of Factory Systems’ SPC products.

Increase Efficiency

You can’t improve your machine efficiencies if you can’t measure them. Our OEE data collection will record every Up, Down, and Idle machine state along with the part counts and part qualities thus providing baseline OEE data that you can use to compare to after changes are made. It is amazing how your bottom line will improve as your OEE soars.

Reduce Cost

There are hidden costs throughout manufacturing facilities. Some include searching for parts, machining the same parts a second or third time and shipping parts to your customers that have missed a small but important operation. Our FACSTrack software will follow your parts from incoming inspection throughout production to insure that each part is machined once and does not miss any steps along the way. You customers will be reassured that you are providing them with the parts they expect.

Improve Quality

Trend alarms can be enabled that monitor your processes and alert the user based on subtle trends that may not be obvious to the human eye. This gives the user ample time to adjust the machine before it is necessary to rework parts that are less than perfect. This can also be done using our “Closed Loop” feedback directly to the machine, thus eliminating the user interaction. Why manufacture the same parts twice when you can adjust your processes to prevent rework?