Workstations Solutions

FSWorksTM is a powerful data acquisitions and quality control solution designed for the plant floor.  Available in standalone or network installations, it offers a powerful graphical interface displaying the data it is collecting and providing immediate insights using SPC (statistical process control) tools so that the operators and supervisors may manage the quality in real-time, on-site.  Factory Systems offers full integration services.  We will get to understand your process and ensure you are set up for success.

Upload Part Drawings, Work Instructions, and Control Plans.  Perform Gage R&R Study.  Drive ANDON stacks on automate other I/O.  Optimized for touchscreen with robust user and even logging.  Also capable of closed loop control.  Perhaps the biggest draw is it ability to replace DAQ, storage, and analysis solutions all-in-one.

Enterprise Solutions

FS.NetTM provides visibility of your entire operation.  Insights and administration connecting individual workstations, operating units, and entire production lines to users either locally or in a remote locations.  System Administration, Reports, Charts & Analytics, and Monitoring are a few of the most powerful and commonly used features.

We take the data that is collected on the shop floor and take care of data handling so that it can be mined for real-time and historical analysis and monitoring.  SPC, OEE, counts, and productivity may then be reviewed for consideration in evaluating KPIs, process improvement initiatives, and quality control measures.

This can provide you with insights into your entire factory, supplier network, and other operations across the globe.