System Administration

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Our recently refreshed web application gives our customers the ability to manage their entire FS installation from one location.  This includes editing specs, updating reference documents, add/editing users, creating and deploying Setups, configuring FSTrack stations, deploying and monitoring workstations, etc.  All of these features have been placed in a responsive, intuitive web application that brings managing an entire plant and all of the data collection in it within one website accessible across your private network.

With a Setup, you can package an entire or partial control plan into one Setup and deploy it in a controlled manner with records of who did what and when to a single workstation or to multiple workstations from the web application, or Setups can be made available to workstations for them to download as needed.  Options can be enabled to clear out existing control plans making POM group selection and overall operation as simple as possible for the operators.  With these transactions and releases logged, it would facilitate passing control plan audits anywhere they were used.


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