Part / Process Tracking

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FSTrack™ enables serial numbers, lot numbers, batch numbers and similar quantifiers to be tracked throughout the production process. FSTrack™ guarantees your product follows the correct process path and that all assigned criteria and inspections are met. The result is a product that has been everywhere it should, passed all inspections and is packed properly. A complete part history is made from the first operation to the warehouse.


FSTrack™ requires a complete installation of FS.Net™ including the FSTrack™ developer and service module. These server products utilize real time services that process a track key and track ID and keeps track of them through the process. FSTrack™ nodes are your process locations through which the tracked part must pass. A node requires of one of three software programs, FSWorks™, FSTrack™ or FSPack™.

Creating Nodes

Your process will consist of nodes. A node is defined as a combination of an Operation and Machine. FSTrack™ utilizes the nodes generate in FS.Net™ Part Manager. In Part Manager you create specification plans for your part. Specification plans without measurement features are utilized by FSTrack™ and FSPack™. Therefore, utilizing Part Manger to create a POM for each step of your process will in essence create all of your FSTrack™ nodes.


Reports can be generated in FS.Net that will show the entire birth history for a Track ID. These reports may include the following fields.

  • Bad Parts count
  • Container
  • Container Closed date
  • Container Opened date
  • Container Status
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Department
  • Good Parts count
  • Instance Key
  • Label Image
  • Location Index
  • Location Level
  • Machine
  • Nominal value
  • Operation
  • Part
  • Part Description
  • Part Status
  • Shift
  • Time
  • User

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