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FSWorks™ is a comprehensive factory floor statistical process control software package. This feature packed powerhouse software is designed to collect data from any source. From Calipers, Micrometers, complex LVDT fixtures, to CMM’s, Databases and ERP systems, FSWorks™ can make the connection. It can handle basic applications and the most challenging systems, while making it all seem so simple.

The user experience is the primary directive. FSWorks™ strives to create a user interface that provides operators with concise easy to view information. The guess work is taken out of the analysis. Your experienced operators need only use the information to improve your processes.

The ability to View Reference documents such as Control Plans, Quality Alert and part drawing is a feature designed to provide controlled and current revision level documents to the operators. It can eliminate the biggest threat to your ISO and TS audits, the “wrong revision”.

Complete product traceability from cradle to grave is essential for your customers. Barcodes with serial numbers and product data can be read into the computer and used to associate gauging data to the serial number. Rework and Scrap are recorded to provided data used in reducing cost.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a major metric in use by companies that wish to stay competitive. FSWorks™ can be connected to your machines and record how long a machine is Running, Idle, or Down. Part Counts from the machine provide performance data. When a machine goes Idle or Down, the operators are prompted to record a reason. FSWorks™ is responsible for your quality and so we have everything needed to calculate your full OEE.

OEE= Quality X Performance X Availability.

FSWorks™ runs on a plant floor PC or other processor and provides for stand alone or network data collection.

The application is optimized for a variety of manufacturing environments

  • PC
  • NEMA 4X FS CimStatTM
  • Machine Tool
  • Fully Integrated
  • Touch Screen
  • Keyboard / Mouse
  • Remote

FSWorks™ boasts full featured SPC, Production Monitoring & Charting functionality for machine, operation, cell or line operations.

Data input from any source

  • Sensors & Probes
  • PLC Controllers
  • CNC Machine Controllers
  • CMM data files
  • Bar Code / RFID / Vision
  • SQL & Oracle Database
  • Third Party Applications
  • Manual Entry
  • Custom Translators

FSWorks™ provides many advanced features in real time.

Escalating Alerts
  • Production Leader
  • Maintenance
  • Supervisor
  • Engineering
  • Area Managers
  • Plant Manager
Alert Media
  • Pager
  • Text
  • Email
  • Smart Phone

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